Ace Combat: Assault Horizon

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon is an installment of the Ace Combat arcade combat flight video game series developed by Project Aces and published by Namco Bandai for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Confirmed locations in the game are Miami, Washington, D.C., Dubai, Paris, East Africa, the Middle East, and Moscow. Tokyo and Hawaii will be included as post-launch downloadable content. It will also take place in the Black Sea (where an A-10 Thunderbolt is seen in the teaser trailer). It is the first in the Ace Combat series on consoles to take place on the real Earth (with Ace Combat Joint Assault being the first Ace Combat game to feature the real Earth), rather than on what longtime fans have dubbed "Strangereal", the setting for Air Combat through Ace Combat 6/Ace Combat X. It is also the first of the new generation of the AC series not to use fictional, "overpowered" aircraft such as flying super-fortresses (I.E. Gleipnir, XB-0, etc.)
The developers are using satellite imagery to accurately render the real-life locations, so it is possible for the player to pick out actual buildings and locations (such as individual houses) while playing the game.

  The major new gameplay feature is a system called "Close-Range Assault" (CRA), which aims to increase the intensity and bring the action closer to the player, without the feeling of "shooting at faraway dots" commonly seen in flight games. In the game, it is named "Dogfight Mode" (DFM) for air-to-air battles and "Air Strike Mode" (ASM) for air-to-ground targets. They are not optional, as certain planes cannot be destroyed without CRA. To initiate DFM, the player taps LB+RB on the Xbox 360 and L2+R2 on the PS3 when they have gotten close enough to the plane they are targeting. ASM is initiated by pressing the same buttons at specific points around the map.
Also new to the series are attack helicopter missions, stealth bomber missions, and levels where the player controls a Black Hawk door gunner and an AC-130.
A new multiplayer mode called "Capital Conquest" involves two teams of 8 vs. 8 where each team takes turns either defending or attacking a world capital, such as Paris and Washington, D.C.. In this mode, fighters, ground attack aircraft, attack helicopters, and bombers can fly together simultaneously. Each type of aircraft will have its advantages and disadvantages, having specific roles in the battlefield.

I saw my death in my dreams. Many times. The nightmare I will never forget.
-Colonel William Bishop.
(Relase Date: October 11, 2011)


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